Criminal Networks and Corruption in the Era of Microtraffic and Narcomenuedeo [Redes criminales y corrupción en la era del microtráfico y el narcomenudeo]

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  • Revista de Economia Institucional


  • This study has sought to identify and analyze the key agents, relationships and processes characterizing the evolving of micro-drug trafficking and retail-drug dealing as the present phase of drug-trafficking in Colombia. We build an analytical model in a sequential network game-theoretic structure, which takes into account the trafficker’s corruption strategies. The most important finding is that Higher levels of reprisal could can be counterproductive due to the strategic responses of traffickers leading them to invest more resources invest in corruption activities. © 2017, Universidad Externado de Colombia. All rights reserved.

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  • 2017

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  • Contests
  • Corruption and Social Networks
  • Drug Dealing
  • Micro-Drug Trafficking

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