English Level in Bachelor Programs in Economics in Colombia: Has the Goal Been Reached? [Nivel de inglés en los programas de Economía de Colombia: ¿Se cumple la meta?]

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  • This paper assesses whether college graduates from bachelor programs in Economics in Colombia have achieved the bilingualism goal proposed by the government for 2014. To this end, we use a descriptive approach and inferential statistics (parametric and non-parametric proportions tests) using data from the English module of the standardized test Saber Pro (2011-2015). We find that, at the national level, 54 out of 61 bachelor programs did not meet the goal and that only 7 out of the 21 accredited programs in the country have reached it. These results suggest the need to rethink the public policy of bilingualism in the education of Colombia’s future economists. © 2018 Universidad de Antioquia. All rights reserved.

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  • 2018

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  • Economics Programs
  • Educational Policy of Bilingualism
  • English
  • Higher Education
  • Saber Pro

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