Who Choose the Education Degree in colombia? Characterizing the Education Students Using their Performance in the Test Saber 11º [¿Quiénes eligen carreras en educación en Colombia? Caracterización desde el desempeño en las pruebas Saber 11º]

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  • Yet little is known in Colombia about the quality of teachers. In this paper we ask about the academic standard of people who study and obtain a tertiary degree in education. Results show a negative relationship between results in the standardized test to enter higher education (Saber 11º) and the probability of studying (and obtaining) a tertiary degree in education (relative to other areas of study). We estimate that this probability is five times higher for people with results among the lowest scores than for people with results among the highest. This difference broadens when we consider only women. The paper discusses some hypotheses that would explain these results. © 2014(Publisher Name).All rights reserved.

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  • 2014

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