Business Cycle and Employment Market in Colombia: 1984-2014 [El ciclo económico y el mercado de trabajo en Colombia: 1984-2014]

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  • Ensayos Sobre Política Económica


  • The behavior of the labor market over the business cycle, for different cities and demographic groups, is described by means of eight variables. The chronology used to undertake the endeavor is borrowed from Alfonso et al. (2013) and Jaulín (2013). The evidence suggests that labor participation tends to be acyclical while the occupation employment rate is procyclical. Unambiguously, unemployment rises during recessions. The dismissed and reinserted workers increases in bad times. The hourly real wages as well as hours are procyclical after 2008. © 2016 Banco de la República de Colombia

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  • 2016

Líneas de investigación

  • Business Cycles
  • Occupation Rate
  • Participation Rate
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Wages

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