Factor Shares at the Sector Level, Colombia, 1990-2005


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  • In general, empirical studies on economics rely on the assumption of constant capital share of income both at the aggregate level and at the sector level. However, there is no empirical evidence supporting the constancy of capital share at the sector level. In this paper, using Colombian data, we measure capital share for 48 sectors during the period1990-2005. We also explore the relation between capital's share and factor prices and the behavior of capital share during the business cycle. The main results are the following: (i) capital share is not constant but, rather, has an increasing trend; (ii) capital shares growth rates positively correlate with sector value-added growth; (iii) the capital shares behave pro-cyclically; and (iv) there is a positive correlation between capital shares and real wages and a negative correlation between capital shares and interest rates. These results suggest that the usual assumption of constant factor shares is not accurate.

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  • 2009-11

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  • Colombia
  • Cycles
  • Economic Growth
  • Factor Shares
  • Income Distribution


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