On the Radio: Effectiveness of the Viva Seguro Financial Education Program


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  • Through a novel randomized control trial this paper estimates the impact of Viva Seguro, a financial education program that covers topics on risks and insurance management, on knowledge, attitudes and actual behavior. The program was broadcasted in two Colombian radio stations that have low and medium income households as target audience. Listeners from these radio stations comprise our treatment group. The control group is comprised by listeners from other two radio stations of similar characteristics and from the same broadcasting company. Using panel data information on both the treatment and the control group we find that giving financial education through such mass media channel has a positive impact on the knowledge of risks individuals face, the number of insurances they know exist and their perceived capability of understanding and handling insurance. No effect however is found on the knowledge of specific concepts of insurance, or their attitudes towards it, in savings behavior or the number of insurances bought. In general results show that delivering financial education through radio is a cost effective alternative in order to improve knowledge on insurance related concepts.

fecha de publicación

  • 2014-05

Líneas de investigación

  • Financial Education
  • Insurance
  • Radio
  • Randomized Control Tral-RCT


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