Labor flows across firm size, age, and economic sector in Colombia vs. the United States

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  • Small Business Economics volume


  • This paper compares labor market flows between a developing economy, Colombia, and a developed one, the United States (US). In a comparative framework, we explore measures of labor market flows across dimensions such as firm size, age, and economic sector. This comparison allows us testing, for both countries, a series of interesting hypothesis suggested in the literature, namely the negative systematic relationship between firm size/age and employment growth rate. We find that labor market fluidity in the US labor market is substantially higher than in Colombia and that the churning rate is twice as high for the US market as it is for the Colombian one. We argue that this fluidity gap between the two economies can be explained by, among other factors, the rigid nature of Colombian labour market institutions.

fecha de publicación

  • 2021

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Líneas de investigación

  • Churning
  • Colombia
  • Firm age
  • Firm size
  • Hiring
  • Job creation
  • Job destruction
  • Separations
  • US


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