Productivity, Trade and the R&D Content of Intermediate Inputs


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  • This paper explores a novel way to evaluate the extent to which R&D knowledge embodied in intermediate inputs correlates with productivity at the industry level. We propose the concept of R&D content of intermediates, which represents the R&D stock embodied in intermediate goods used in production. This concept parallels that of factor content of trade, and it requires the use of a global input-output matrix that all industries and countries involved in the intermediate purchases. Using a sample of 32 countries and 13 manufacturing industries we compute the elasticity of industry-level TFP with respect to the R&D content of intermediates. We find that among high-R&D industries, the R&D embodied in foreign inputs purchased from the own industry is significantly associated with industry-level TFP. In contrast, intermediate input trade does not appear to be a significant channel of R&D diffusion among low-R&D industries.

fecha de publicación

  • 2011

Líneas de investigación

  • Industry Level
  • Intermediate Inputs Trade
  • International Transfer of Technology
  • R&D Stock
  • TFP


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