Discrimination Toward Migrants During Crises


  • Policy Research Working Paper Series The World Bank


  • How do crises shape native attitudes towards migrants A common threat could pro-duce an empathychannel among natives, but the perception of competition for scarce economic resources could just as easily sparkprejudice through a resentment channel. 3,400 Colombian citizens were surveyed and randomly primed to consider theeconomic consequences of COVID-19 before eliciting their attitudes towards Venezuelan migrants. The findings suggestthat native attitudes towards migrants are substantially more suggestive of the resentment channel in the treatmentgroup. However, respondents in the so-called impressionable years—ages 18 to 25—showed more altruism towards migrantsafter priming. Interestingly, both effects disappear in response to positive news.

fecha de publicación

  • 2022

Líneas de investigación

  • COVID-19
  • altruism
  • attitudes
  • migration
  • priming


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