The impact of updating health benefits plans on health technologies usage and expenditures: the case of Colombia


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  • Using administrative data in 2012–2019, we estimate the impact of the inclusion of technology into the Colombian health benefits plan (HBP) charged to the capitation payment unit (CPU) on the usage, expenditures, and market conditions. Technologies (drugs and procedures) before and after their inclusion were compared using a Callaway-Sant’Anna’s difference-in-differences with multiple time period method and a synthetic control strategy. A substantial increase in the use and prescription of these technologies was noted. Expenditure levels per user slightly increased; however, the response varies over time. Annual expansion of HBP charged to CPU provided tacit benefits to the Colombian population.

fecha de publicación

  • 2023

Líneas de investigación

  • CallawaySant’Anna’s method
  • Health benefits plan
  • health expenditures
  • synthetic control
  • universal health coverage


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