Covid-19 Learning Loss And Recovery: Panel Data Evidence From India


  • CESifo Working Paper Series


  • We use a panel survey of ∼19,000 primary-school-aged children in rural Tamil Nadu to study ‘learning loss’ after COVID-19-induced school closures, and the pace of recovery after schools reopened. Students tested in December 2021 (18 months after school closures) displayed learning deficits of ∼0.7σ in math and 0.34σ in language compared to identically-aged students in the same villages in 2019. Two-thirds of this deficit was made up within 6 months after school reopening. Further, while learning loss was regressive, the recovery was progressive. A government-run after-school remediation program contributed ∼24% of the cohort-level recovery, and likely aided the progressive recovery.

fecha de publicación

  • 2022

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  • Covid-19
  • Learning Loss
  • Recovery
  • School Closures


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