Evolución del comercio intraindustrial entre las regiones colombianas y la comunidad andina, 1990-2004: Un análisis comparativo

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  • This paper measures and compares the Intraindustry Trade (IIT) levels between Colombia and its main economic regions with the Andean Community (AC). It finds that this trade has been overestimated in previous studies due to geographical and aggregation biases. The nature of IIT is predominantly vertical, where Colombia is found to produce higher quality varieties. As for the regions, the “center” provinces of each region explain the largest part of the sector composition of the most significant IIT flows with the AC. This result evidences the strong relationship between IIT and regional development, which is found to be more relevant than other factors such as geographical proximity.

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  • 2007

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  • Andean Community
  • International Trade
  • Intraindustry Trade
  • Regional Economics

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