Evaluación de la gestión privada del servicio público educativo en Medellín

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  • in 2002 the local government of Medellin started a program for school-age children who were not covered by the educational public system. The program, called Concession Schools, was designed to provide private educational management by means of public resources where public supply was reduced. In this paper we are interested in investigating the impact of this program on academic performance, dropout, and pass rates. To this aim we match individuals at concession schools with those at public ones by computing the probability of attending concession institutions. In spite of the good reputation for Concession Programs, we found that students at concession schools had a lower performance than their peers at public schools, as well as higher dropout and lower pass rates

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  • 2007

Líneas de investigación

  • Concesión
  • Contrafactual
  • Emparejamiento
  • Grupo de tratamiento y control
  • Medellín
  • Propensity Score

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