El entorno regional y la percepción del estado de salud en Colombia, 2003

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  • In this article the impact of a set of variables over the perception of individuals’ health state in the regions established by the National Life QualiTY Survey (ECV) performed by the Administrative National Department of Statistics (DANE) in 2003 is studied. The variables denote socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of individuals, institutional characteristics of the health system, and household characteristics. The econometric exercise is based on the use of ordered probit models for the determination of such impact. The analysis by regions was useful to prove the existence of local or regional elements that make the impact of the factors that impinge on the health conditions of people to differ from region to region

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  • 2006

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  • Health Determinants
  • Health Economics
  • Ordered Probit Models
  • Region
  • Social Security in Health

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