Employment And Development In Cali And The Valley Of Cauca: Evolution And A Spatial Econometric Analysis

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  • Regional and Sectoral Economic Studies


  • The department of Valle del Cauca in Colombia showed an unemployment rate of 11.7% during 2016. The unemployment rate for Colombia was 9.2%, 2.5 percentage points higher than Colombia, according to the DANE. The labour market in Valle del Cauca shows great imbalances, largely the result of complexities in the ciTY of Cali (Colombia), because the region's employment is concentrated there. We discuss the spatial patterns of unemployment and informaliTY in the region and develop an index that explains who is employed in Cali. However, while the attraction index explains the informality, it does not explain all the unemployment in the region. This is explained better by spatial patterns.

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  • 2018

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