Socio-Economic Determinants And Spatial Convergence Of Biological Well-Being: The Case Of Colombia, 1920–1990

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  • Revista de Historia Económica


  • This paper explores the relationship between the physical stature of Colombians born during the 20 th century and several socio-economic and demographic variables. Using a dataset of more than 225,000 individuals built with information from judicial background certificates, we found a sustained growth of the average height of women and men during the 20 th century. The results show significant differences in stature according to gender, level of education, occupation, and place and date of birth. Similarly, health conditions and access to aqueducts significantly affect height. We found that departmental average height disparities decreased and the gap across regions closed throughout the century.

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  • 2019

Líneas de investigación

  • Anthropometrics
  • Biological Well-Being
  • Convergence
  • Height
  • Socio-Economic Determinants

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