No Reversal Of Fortune In The Long Run: Geography And Spatial Persistence Of Prosperity In Colombia, 1500-2005

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  • Revista de Historia Económica


  • This paper examines the non-reversal of fortune thesis proposed by Acemoglu et al. ( 2002 ) in the light of the Colombian experience over the last 500 years. Using a total of fourteen national population censuses and the record of tributary Indians in 1559, it is found that the population densiTY of Colombian regions presented a high degree of persistence through time. Thus, the evidence indicates that those places that were prosperous circa 1500 remain so today, and vice versa . These results indicate that the long-run influences of geography on regional economic disparities within a country are not negligible.

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  • 2014

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  • Bogotá
  • Comparative Economic History
  • Demographic Economics
  • Latin America

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