Corporate Taxes and Firms Performance: Evidence from an Emerging Economy

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  • Revista de Economía del Rosario


  • Corporate taxes play an important role in a firm’s decision-making as they are part of the cost of capital. Thus, understanding the effect of taxes on the performance of firms in the context of frequent tax reforms, as is the case of Colombia, is of great relevance. We used the meta-frontier stochastic techniques, which allow us to estimate in two steps the technical efficiency of firms within each economic sector and between economic sectors in relation to the set of firms in the country. Then, using quantile regression analysis, we estimate both the effect of corporate taxation on firm performance as well as the effect of efficiency on firms’ tax payments. Results indicate that firms in some economic sectors could be benefiting from better production conditions, and that the most efficient firms 

fecha de publicación

  • 2022

Líneas de investigación

  • Corporate taxes
  • firm performance
  • stochastic frontier analysis


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