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Salas, Luz Magdalena  |  Profesor asistente


I am a PhD in Economics from The Graduate Center at City University of New York. I am Assistant Professor of Economics at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. My research interests are development economics, behavioral economics and applied microeconomics. I have conducted numerous field-based research projects in developing countries using experimental and non-experimental methods. I work in the design, implementation and evaluation of product innovations that aim to contribute to building financial capabilities and induce savings habits. I combine concepts from behavioral economics with experimental methods to test strategies that allow improving the well-being of low income individuals. Currently I am working on topics such as savings for retirement, female labor market participation and labor market flexibility, gender and post conflict. I have conducted research projects in the field in Colombia, The Dominican Republic and China. I am interested in carrying out rigorous research projects to help individuals alleviate poverty and improve their living conditions
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Líneas de investigación

  • Applied Microeconomics
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Development Economics

Educación y Formación

  • Doctorado en Economía - City University of New York

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  • Doctor

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  • Salas
  • Luz Magdalena

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